95m subscribers’ SIM registration data undergoing verification – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said that about 95.7million of the total 151.4m subscribers’ SIM registration data claimed to have been registered by the telecoms operators in the country are currently undergoing scrubbing and verification.

The telecom industry regulator had said millions of subscribers have had their SIM data improperly captured by the telecoms operators, fuelling crimes like kidnapping in the country.

It said it will no longer be business as usual for perpetrators of fraudulently registered Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards as the Commission will henceforth prosecute those indulging in the illegal activity for felony with a 25-year imprisonment as prescribed by law.

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But the telecoms operators retorted this on Tuesday, saying the country’s telecom industry regulator has indicted itself.

Since the SIM registration exercise started in 2011, “A total of 151,449,837 registration data of subscribers have been processed, with only 55,749,652 records valid, making 63.2 per cent of the total records invalid based on invalid face capturing and fingerprints”, NCC had said.

However, NCC said in a statement yesterday that improperly registered SIM cards are valid but only undergoing scrubbing and verifications.

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