Army warns officers against cheating during examination

Army warns officers against cheating during examination

The General Officer Commanding (GOC), 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, Lagos, Maj.-Gen. Isidore Edet, has warned officers that would be promoted to the rank of Major to desist from cheating during their promotion examination.

The GOC gave the warning on Sunday to the officers who are Captains and participating in the practical promotion examination at 192 Battalion in Owode-Yewa, Ogun.

“Your generation is a generation of technology and this has always been used for cheating.

“I will never condone any form of cheating. If you pass, pass honourably and if you fail, fail honourably.

“As an officer, you still have another chance if you fail but if you feel you can cheat during examination, I will not have any room for that so you will be shown the way out.

“I will write a report about you and recommend that you leave the system because if you are a cheat, you have no integrity and you cannot aspire to grow up to be a General,’’ he said.

Edet said frowned against any officer being bullied by the directing staff, adding that it could affect candidates psychologically which might lead to their failure.

“I do not expect that any officer seated here should be bullied by any directing staff because I am not a part of bullying.

“I expect the directing staff to guide the officers because you have been selected based on your integrity and so you should be fair to these candidates.

“I will not tolerate or want to hear any issue of an officer being witch-hunted or made a scapegoat for whatever reason,’’ he said.

Edet, however, wished the candidates the best of luck in the examination and added that it was an important stage in their career.

“I don’t want you to entertain any fear as long as you have prepared for the examination but if you have not prepared, then you have reasons to blame yourself.

“This is important not only being promoted from Captains to Majors but also to test your capacity to be able to interpret and translate your commander’s intentions and concept of operation.

“So this examination is to assess you on these basic things that is expected of you as a tactical level commander and how you can apply it to the real world that is the battlefield,’’ he said.

The GOC added that 192 battalion was chosen for the examination because of the serene environment to enable the officers concentrate and do well.

The President of the examination panel, Brig.-Gen. Peter Dauke, while addressing the officers said that their performance would determine their progress in the Nigerian Army.

“I advise you to treat the examination with all the seriousness and determination it deserves.

“Have no fear because we are not here to fail you, on the contrary, you are the ones to determine your fate by showcasing the level of preparation, confidence and composure in your respective presentations.

“All the senior officers who are here are either team leaders or directing staff to guide you to succeed in this examination,’’ he said.

Dauke added that 129 Captains were drawn from various formations to partake in the examination for promotion to the rank of Majors.

He also said that their success should not be obtained through fraudulent means. (NAN)

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