Breaking culture of silence will assist rape victims –NGO

Breaking culture of silence will assist rape victims –NGO

 Dr Jumia Alhamdu, Executive Director of Women and Youths for Justice and Peace Initiative, an NGO based in Kano, said breaking the culture of silence would assist victims of rape to get justice.

Alhamdu said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday.
She said that her NGO had been able to support survivors of rape to reduce the injustice that went with the issue.
“We are supporting rape victims in order to reduce the injustice that goes with rape, so that the victims can find support as well as see justice being done to their issues.
“We have done sensitisation and created awareness on breaking the culture of silence because people find it difficult to come forth and tell what happened.
“As the issue of rape goes on, perpetrators go unpunished.
“So, if more people talk about it and those affected voice it out, and it is addressed following the legal process, it will help to stop it from become rampant.”
Alhamdu also said that educating the people, especially women to keep a close eye on their daughters and other children was important as some of the perpetrators of those acts could be household members.
“They should keep an eye on the relationships of people coming into their houses and those who are within them.”
She said that preventing of hawking by girls in garages, uncompleted buildings and other places would also help to reduce cases of rape.
“Sending out girls to hawk in those places mentioned exposes their vulnerability, so it is better we try and put a stop to that,” she said.

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