Castro’s finest moment

Castro's finest moment

The narrative from the West is that the late Cuban President leader Fidel Castro was a dictator who ran his country like a persons fiefdom.

Yes,he ran the country in a manner similar to what you see and hear in China and Norh Korea

Yes Cuban lined the streets to express emotion in what could be described as contrived emotional scenes also not different from what in the past happened in North Korea

Tens of thousands of Cubans attended the ceremony, as well as world leaders as Raul Castro let final tributes at an even in Santiago 

He vowed to honour the socialist principles and goals of the revolution led by his brother

Then the Cuban President announced something that would be considered shocking to many 

Cuba would ban the naming any monuments or roads after Fidel Castro, at the request of the late leader.

“The leader of the revolution strongly opposed any manifestation of cult of personality,” said Raul Castro.

No statues or busts of Fidel will be erected in Cuba, he said.

What? A man who our own Robert Mugabe described as a leader of all revolutionaries across the worl d does not want a statue in the Capital city?

He also doesn’t want airports,schools or Cities named after him?

Even in Nigeria where politicians are capitalists ,monuments are named after “living legends” who in some cases are wives of political office holders.

The general impression is that Fidel Castro was a demon,an antithesis of what democracy is and what it stands for

But large crowds were heard shouting ‘Long live Fidel!” While “I am Fidel!” greeted his funeral cortege as it passes through the streets of Santiago.

Fidel Castro was clearly not loved by the west which surprisingly tolerated and still tolerates other “benevolent dictators” but he left a mark in the sand of times

Castro was Africa’s friend.South Africa (Post-apartheid) and Angola are some of the biggest beneficiaries of Cuba’s gesture but African leaders especially the sit tight ones have a lot to learn from him in terms of positive legacies

But for me,I still can’t believe that he decreed that there should be no statue or bust in his honour.Nor any monument named after him.What?

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