Climate change: Expert urges sensitisation of peasant farmers

Climate change: Expert urges sensitisation of peasant farmers

Mr Williams Osaze, President, Society for the Promotion of People`s Rights, has called for the sensitisation of peasant farmers to the desirability of adjusting their farming calendar to tackle climate change problems. 

He made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

Osaze said that the adverse effect of climate change on agriculture had become a serious concern that could negatively affect the country’s farmers, particularly peasant farmers.

According to him, a peasant farmer is a farmer that owns or rents a small piece of land for his or her farming activities.

He said that the global phenomenon of climate change had constituted a major challenge to agricultural production, adding that the impact was, however, more severe on peasant farmers.

Osaze underscored the need to organise awareness campaigns on the periodic adjustment of farming programmes for farmers, particularly smallholder and peasant farmers.

“We are calling on the government to organise and intensify awareness campaigns to educate farmers and prepare them for the emerging challenges of climate change.

“Adequate sensitisation will ensure a projection towards a pragmatic calendar that will make farmers achieve their optimal goals in production.

“The world has been witnessing a series of disasters due to climate change; there have been issues of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

“All of these have affected the accuracy of predictions of weather changes,’’ he said.

Osaze said that seminars, involving all stakeholders, should be organised to brainstorm on possible strategies that could be adopted in efforts to reduce the effects of climate change in the country.

He said that the seminars should involve experts in the fields of climatology and agriculture, among others, as part of the designed plans to build up a deeper understanding of climate change issues that could affect agriculture in Nigeria.

According to him, such seminars will also identify the effects of climatology problems as they relate to planting and harvesting periods.

Ozaze, however, said that his organisation had started a sensitisation campaign in the FCT to educate peasant farmers on the negative impact of climate change and what could be done to manage the situation. (NAN)

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