‘Decimated’ Boko Haram Members Dying From Hunger Buhari Media Organisation Claim

The Buhari Media Organisation has claimed that Boko Haram members are hungry after a decimation by the Nigerian Army and are therefore incapable of carrying out renewed offensive attacks.

Niyi Akinsiju, Chairman of the organisation and Cassidy Madueke, who is the Secetary BMO in Abuja on Monday said the current unenviable state of the terrorist was due mainly to the renewed offensive by the Nigerian military.

Niyi said: “Obviously these deficiencies do not support the reckless views expressed in some quarters about the lucrative pay of the insurgents. A terrorist group that is buffeted with hunger and starvation can definitely not be in a position to withstand the unrelenting bombardment by the Nigerian military.

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“Presently, the Boko Haram insurgents are suffering from the depletion of their number of fighters following the ceaseless bombardments of their enclaves by the Nigerian military, with the air support by the Nigerian Air Force.

“We therefore appeal to Nigerians to disregard the rumours being peddled about that the Boko Haram terrorists are receiving mouth-watering pay. This is a huge joke taken too far by the unpatriotic sympathisers of the notorious sect, which is meant to cause disaffection in the country. We also urge the military not to relent but to sustain their tempo of activities in the North-East with the Operation Lafiya Dole.”

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