EU court dismisses lawsuit against aid for British nuclear plant

European Union court, on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Austria against the European Commission for approving British state aid for the construction of Britain’s Hinkley Point C nuclear plant.

Austria had brought the suit in 2015, arguing that the project did not meet EU criteria for promoting technologies that are in the interest of all the bloc’s members, and it also distorted competition.

“The rules of the European Union on State aid are applicable to measures relating to the area of nuclear energy.

“The Commission did not err in taking the view that the UK was entitled to define the development of nuclear energy as being a public-interest objective.

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“Even though that objective is not shared by all of the Member States,’’ the EU’s General Court said in its ruling.

The judgment further said that each Member State had the right to choose between the different energy sources it preferred.

However, the decision by the General Court could still be challenged before the European Court of Justice.

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