FG warns Nigerians against destruction of natural habitat

FG warns Nigerians against destruction of natural habitat

 Minister of State for Environment, Alhaji Ibrahim Jibril has warned Nigerians against the destruction of natural habitat because of its economic and industrial benefits.

Jibril told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday that gas flaring, trees felling and deforestation have effect on climate change.

The minister explained that trees were imperative as they absorbed gases and smokes polluted into the atmosphere.

He said it also absorbed carbon dioxide breathed out by human beings and released oxygen for human beings to breathe in.

“When we cut the trees, we stop the use of not having many that will absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and therefore, it will lead to global warming.

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“Sometimes, we discover that there is natural rainfall that will lead to flood, hurricane and many other things.’’

The minister said in the 60s, people experienced serious harmattan particularly in the North Central of the country.

“That time, you needed to warm yourselves, sometimes put fire inside your rooms but these things have suddenly disappeared now because it is no longer as cold as it used to be.

“Time for rainy has also changed. These things are responsible for climate change,’’ he said. 

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