Germany implicates Syrian military in deadly attack on UN convoy

Germany implicates Syrian military in deadly attack on UN convoy

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel on Thursday said that Germany believed that there was a high probability the Syrian military was involved in a recent deadly attack on a UN humanitarian aid convoy.

 Gabriel urged Russian officials to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident which killed no fewer than 20 civilians near the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo earlier this week.

 Gabriel, who spoke to reporters during a two-day visit to Moscow, condemned the attack, describing it as a “dramatic setback’’ for the peace process in Syria.

“We are not able to resolve this conflict without Russia,’’ Gabriel emphasised.

 He had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin the previous day for talks about the Syrian conflict, as well as ways to boost German-Russian economic ties.

Russia was a major ally of the Syrian Government, and according to a recent pact with the U.S., was supposed to ensure that Syrian warplanes would not fly over the area where the convoy was attacked.

Russia’s Defence Ministry on Wednesday said that it had evidence a U.S. drone was flying over the area at the time of the attack.

The U.S. earlier claimed that Russia was responsible for the attack, even if it was committed by the Syrian military.

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