Lawyer harps on need for an independent judiciary

Lawyer harps on need for an independent judiciary

A Legal practitioner, Mr Jude Kaleijaye, has said that Nigeria needs true autonomous  and independent judiciary to free it from corruption

Kaleijaye said that “expectations are high to restore its confidence from the stain of corruption”.

He said that the sector must first be appreciated and recognised as an independent arm of government, just like the executive and legislature in order for it to function well.

According to him, financial autonomy as provided in the constitution will address some of the challenges in the system.

“Judiciary is not inferior to either the legislative or the executive; therefore, it must be properly funded and should be allowed to be self-financing.

“This should facilitate the prompt payment of salaries and other entitlements. It will also allow procurement of necessary apparatus, employment of qualified support staff and constant training for judges and other court personnel.”

Kaleijaye advised that substantive and procedural laws should constantly undergo evaluation to reflect current trend, adding that manpower should be upgraded and staff welfare and economic well being be well thoughtout.

He said: “we must have a plan to decentralise the judiciary where state or regional Courts of Appeal and Supreme are allowed to thrive and decide cases to finality within their different spheres or zones and different regions.

“The Federal Government has no business establishing a federal judiciary to handle state matters, whether criminal or civil.

“Also, secretarial bottlenecks, system of government and other man made lapses which aid delays in the administration of justice must be eliminated.” 

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