NSE official wants states, lgs to develop master-plans to check building collapse, flooding

NSE official wants states, lgs to develop master-plans to check building collapse, flooding

States and local governments  should develop building master-plans to checkmate and control building collapse and flooding in cities, Mr Adekunle Mokuolu, National Deputy President of NSE, has said.

Mokuolu spoke on the sideline of the Second Annual General Meeting/Lecture of  Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Giri Branch, in Abuja on Tuesday.

The topic for the meeting was  “Meteorology, Flooding and Challenges before Nigerian Engineers’’.

“We are calling on state and local governments across the country to develop master-plans in all their major cities.

“There is absolute need for us to have master-plans and  Development Control Office so that these master-plans would be strictly adhered to in terms of building structures in the country.

“This would regulate the people’s attitude of building indiscriminately which normally culminates to building collapse and structures prone to flooding in the cities,’’ he said.

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Mokuolo said that NSE would sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sept. 14 with builders and artisans in the construction sector to regulate their activities.

According to him, the agreement will ensure that building of any structure must have an engineer’s design and the requisite approvals from the Development Control Office of the state or local government.

“It is observed that collapse of building happens during the rainy season, sometimes these buildings are inundated because of the flooding in that particular area which weakens the foundation.

“And this is because people have built on rivers or waterways, on flood prone surface, drainage, etc.

‘’Therefore, all these things are being considered to make sure that quacks are fished out and punished appropriately,’’ he said.

The NSE deputy president said flood control was one of the major areas of physical development because any activity on the surface of the land must be geared toward preventing flooding.

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“You have to just do your best to make sure that when rain falls it has a path to flow,’’ he said.

He added: ‘’we in Abuja want to ensure that all our drainages are clean and that people drop refuse in a way that during rainy season water will easily find its way to the river.’’ 

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