Oldest Nigerian Citizen In Death Row

Death-row inmate Celestine Egbunuche has been dubbed Nigeria’s “oldest prisoner” amid a campaign calling for his release.

Celestine is 100 years old and has spent 18 years in jail after being found guilty of organising a murder.

His son Paul Egbunuche, 41, is also an inmate in Enugu Maximum Security Prison in south-east Nigeria.

Celestine Egbunuche and his son Paul Egbunuche are in jail on the same murder charge.

They were both accused of hiring people to kidnap and kill a man over an alleged land dispute in Imo state.

They were detained in June 2000 and eventually convicted and sentenced to death in 2014.

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It has not been possible to contact the family of the man who was killed – even the Nigeria prison service has been unable to find them.

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