Peter Obi and Humpfrey Nwosu not favorably disposed to a female governor in Anambra

Peter Obi and Humpfrey Nwosu not favorably disposed to a female governor in Anambra

Its will be nice to recall that on the 3rd of November 2006,the yolk of women exercising7 Nigeria politics was broken as Mrs. Virginia Ngozi Etiaba became the first woman to become a governor of a state in Nigeria. This is a good sign of women empowerment.

Virginia Etiaba was sworn in as Nigeria’s first female governor after Anambra state legislature impeached Peter Obi for gross misconduct.

In just 100 days of her tenure as governor, Etiaba flagged-off several road projects and invested heavily in the state’s Orient Petroleum Company.

After a reversal of the impeachment by the Court of Appeal, she duly and happily handed back the position of governor to Governor Peter Obi within two hours of the Court of Appeal’s judgment on February 9, 2007 and reverted to the position of deputy governor which she held till March 16, 2010.

Obviously, this indicates that Peter Obi is not favourably disposed to a female Governor in Anambra state, and it also indicates how corrupt free our society will be if women are been given the mantle of leadership.

In recognition of her excellence and professional commitment to the upliftment of educational standards in the country, she has received several awards and honours including the Rotary International award for Excellent Vocational Service; Pillar of Education award; National Matron of the National Association of Girls’ Guides; National Matron of the Girls’ Brigade; and an award for being a prime motivator of Sickle Cell Programmes in the South-East by the Orient Sickle Cell Foundation.

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Internationally, in 2007, she bagged amongst others, an award for ‘Integrity and Loyalty in Government’ from the United Kingdom-based Democracy Watch and an award for being ‘A Great Achiever in Government and Woman of the Year in 2006’ from the United States based Africans in America Inc. 

Furthermore, because of her outstanding feat of excellence and leadership performance, Humphrey Nwosu and former governor of Anambra State peter Obi subscribed to female inclusion in politics, most of all in Anambra State political sphere. This recommendation brought about a full reassurance and a massive uprising in the hope and political inclusion of women in Nigeria politics. 

Knowing fully well that, even with the affirmative action of 35% representation of woman in political and non-elective positions in Nigeria, the number of women in the legislative houses is not encouraging as a result of patriarchal dominance of men in Nigeria.

It will also interest you to know that the 2017 Anambra Gubernatorial elections is around the corner with lot of individuals exercising their full democratic rights by showing interest to run for the office , which is obviously normal . But it’s also disturbing and irrational at a time like this for women to be deprived of their fundamental rights to contest, excluded and not given full support to achieve what seems like the impossible in our clime.

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Point of Observation:

Humphrey Nwosu and Peter Obi who both happens to be prominent stakeholders in Anambra State once gave their full support towards women inclusion in politics. It’s so pathetic and heartbreaking seeing these are two individuals sitting on the fence at this critical point in time, where history ought to be made.

A time their voice and support is needed the most on women inclusion the dual where not heard.

The question that comes to mind is what has changed?

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