Stephen Kefas Arrested For Re-Posting Article On Facebook Granted Bail

Stephen Kefas, vocal critic of Governor Nasir El-Rufai and human rights activist who was arrested in Port-Harcourt by men of the Nigerian police and the Kaduna State Bureau of Investigation has been granted bail.

Kefas who went missing after initial arrest resurfaced after an alarm on his disappearance was raised.

He was arraigned at the Magistrate Court 12 within the premises of the Police Headquarters in Bida Road, Kaduna state on Monday.

At the court, Kefas was charged with “Inciting disturbance and injurious falsehood”.

He was thereafter granted bail with the conditions of two sureties with N200,000 in their bank accounts and a district head with a valid identity card.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of his abductors, Kefas said: “shortly after they identified me in Port-Harcourt, the took my phone and said they were inviting me for a friendly chat the station so i followed them. When i got there, they threatened me and ask me to hand them my password that it is for investigation, i later found out that they deleted all my tweets and facebook account.

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“Everything happened shortly after i tweeted the story SaharaReporters did about the slain Kajuru monarch. I asked them if they have a warrant but they detained me instead. In the morning, they brought an unmarked car and we started leaving for Abuja by road. I asked them why are we not taking a flight and they said there is no provision for that, i became worried.

“When we arrived Kaduna around 4:40pm, they said i should write a statement, i told them i cannot write a statement if i don’t get a lawyer. They said to me, do you know it’s a crime not to write statement?

“I wrote on the paper provided that i will not write anything until my lawyer arrives.

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“Thereafter they detained me in a horrible cell at Gabasawa police station and i spent the weekend there in a cell with hardened criminals, it was terrible.” he concluded.

The police had denied knowledge of his arrest and detention until friday.

More to come.

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